Degree of homelessness varies on a case by case basis

Degree of homelessness varies on a case by case basis

Dan "Mellow Yellow" Klein is a freelance journalist and photographer. 

Mellow Yellow is the type of man oft caught telling stories with introductions such as: "the first time I walked across America," "the time I saved Hobbot's life," or
"how I escaped certain death in Etna, California".

With over 5,000 miles of hiking experience and more than a year spent living out-of-doors Mellow believes he has something worth sharing.


In addition to being an accomplished long distance hiker, Mellow Yellow is an environmental educator and activist, travel enthusiast, circus practitioner, scholar, restaurant manager, and barista. Currently located in Vail, Colorado; Mellow spends his time hitting the slopes, writing, preparing for the "next big hike", and selling t-shirts.

Hear what other hikers have to say about Mellow Yellow:

He’s like Mellow-Berry-Huckle-Finn.”
— Beef Nugget
...the best dressed hiker we’ve seen yet.”
— Weekend Warriors, Kings Canyon National Park
He’s a stallion.
— Ninja

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