To Do

  • This thing will eventually need a name.
  • Add more data points
    • Additional tents: Z Packs (needs vestibule data), Tarp Tent (needs accurate vestibule data), LightHeart Gear, Big Agnes, MSR, Kelty, Sierra Designs, Black Diamond, Mountain Hardware, ect....
  • Adjust "vestibule" data point. Perhaps just number of usably sized vestibules? Z Packs and Tarp Tent don't include that data and it's becoming a tough metric to fill. THOUGHTS?
  • Adjust table for ease of reading
    • Remove "Manufacturer" as a an independent row
    • Change "People" to "Capacity"
    • Consider alternating row shading or including table lines
    • Add units
  • Short how-to use blurb (eventually).
    • robably some links to small pop-up style pages with info in order to limit clutter on actual page.
  • Z Packs gear is calculated to include weight of tent stakes.
  • Tarps floor space is calculated by doing length times width, even though most tarps are tapered at the ends.....
  • Update "style" to conform with all data
  • Remove "pockets" variable?

DOUG! I want to remove the vestibule data completely. It's a bitch.

STYLE Variables: Double Wall Freestanding, Single Wall Freestanding, Double Wall, Single Wall, Enclosed Tarp, Tarp

Doug, is it possible to use a slider toggle for certain elements, rather than adjusting the graphs? Knowing how many items fall into each category is cool, but not that useful. I dunno if that's something easy to do, but it may help streamline the layout and increase ease of use.

Also, I'm using bold text to indicate to do and changing it to normal as it was done. I'm not sure why I can't use strikethrough with this new version of squarespace.

I can do a strikethrough! Suck it.

Tent Analysis

Floor Length
Floor Width Max
Manufacturer Name People Style Doors Pockets Price ($) Weight(oz.)


Double Wall: enclosed tent with fly.
Single Wall: enclosed tent, no fly.
Enclosed Tarp: tarp with enclosed mesh and floor for bug protection.
Tarp: tarp only, no mesh or ground cloth.
Emergency Tarp

* All weights include stuff sacks, guy lines, and stakes.
** Area related statistics are a general guide. Most tent (ZPacks, at least) areas are found by using the width at center of tent multiplied by the total length. Most tents are not perfectly rectangular, but rather taper off at head and foot. Tarps are especially prone to this. Therefor, the dimensional statistics are a rough guide, but not an entirely accurate representation of available space.
*** Tarps do not include weight of a ground cloth. You will want one. Depending on what you choose to use this will add additional weight to your complete set-up.

This is where Doug's notes will live.

Began gear comparison project
1st stop is two person tents
compiled data for 24 tents from
created html and js files
got squarespace account
lots of compatibility issues
javascript in either header or code block.
issue with dc.css in javascript console
charts now work
just have to figure out which ones to use and which metrics to track
changed row chart font color to black
made capacity row chart
made peak height chart
made all axis limits dynamic
fixed chart margins
messed with some subtle formatting to make more aesthetic and mobile-friendly


ideally every tent has every column filled!

Assignment for Daniel:
figure out how to quantify vestibule area and packed size
is there any value in pockets?
doorStyle and style? — lock this up
other parameters?
    color, materials, qualitative assessment of things like durability?
add more tents

meta data:

bin data: ( row charts )
manufacturer:string — done
capacity:float — done
doors:float — done

quantitive decisional data: ( bar charts )
weight:float — done
price:float — done
floorLength:float — done
peakHeight:float — done
floorWidthMax:float — done
vestibuleArea: float

multidimensional bubble charts: (color is manufacturer)
cost vs. weight

unclassified: ( not sure what to do with these )
packedSize: floatxfloat (string)
floorDimensions: floatxfloat (string)