I was nervous. This whole bike touring thing is new to me and I've been making novice mistakes with my bike throughout the course of my "training" on a daily basis. Couple that with a pretty down to the wire pre-ride schedule and then top it off a relatively nasty storm system had rolled in on Thursday night and was making zero indications of passing by. (Good new: powder skiing the morning before the trip!)

I was a bit of a wreck. 

But do I look it?

But do I look it?

From the start this trip has had an emphasis on flexibility. Rather that committing fully to "completing" a Colorado to New Jersey ride on a very tight schedule I instead decided I'd just go, see what happens, and if it becomes necessary, hitch hike in order to reach my destination in the time alotted. 

And so, after fighting the reality of this storm coupled with the difficult high elevation climbing and mountain passes  

I finally admitted that riding out from Vail, CO was not only unwise but unsafe.

And just that easily I had solved the problem and taken a lot of weight off my shoulders. Then, after consulting my trusty road map alongside the recent radar findings I decided to drive down (thanks Jeff!) to Buena Vista and begin my ride from that point forward. 

It proved to be an excellent idea as we were able to escape some very bad weather in Vail, drive up and over the pass and therefor avoid some dangerous conditions, come out the other side, and have mostly sunny skies and warm weather! 

We arrived in Buena Vista where I packed up my bike and began pedaling.  

Instantly, I was at ease. 

I was, once again, back in control, running the show, and out on my own with thousands of possibilities and a world to explore! 

I feel excellent and after having pedaled twenty miles or so came across a stunning and secluded campsite I simply could not pass up! 

Can you beat this place?! 

Can you beat this place?! 

Happy trails everyone! And stay adventurous!