Absolute (un)Certainty.

One week remains until I depart for this big ol' hike (the Continental Divide Trail) and I can say with absolute (un)certainty that I've got my gear and logistics in order.

"Come hither, mister.... Canada awaits!"

Actually, there's a whole lot of stuff I don't have figured out. For instance, while having lunch with Mouse today (he came and skied all morning while I sold more t-shirts), we both agreed that we don't actually have a clue how many miles are in New Mexico, and yet, we both believe with semi-confidence that it's a "month long". -- Such is our level of (in)competence.

The more I hike the more I realize that numbers, elevation profiles, weather conditions, mileage, it's all nonsense. Nonsense in the strictest form as it is non-sense (then again, I may just be bad at math). But also nonsense in that it isn't really helpful information. It might give you a sense of security in committing these things to memory, but it doesn't help you -- I will hike through it regardless.

The CDT, being an unfinished trail with numerous alternate routes and variations can be a logistical nightmare, if you let it. There simply isn't entirely accurate and easily attainable information regarding mileages because no one is hiking the exact same route; your mileage may vary. This can cause a lot of people stress and lead to excessive "researching". I figure, why even bother? If it's not easy to figure out, and it isn't essential knowledge, then I'll simply do without.

Anyways, enough talking about what I haven't been doing lately. Back to something a little more concrete.

For those wondering, "what's in the sack?", stay tuned for a full gear list shortly.