Out and About

In at Pie Town, NM! Roughly 320 miles into the big walk.


Unfortunately, due to lack of true computer access I am posting from my phone and don't feel I can compose anything worth a damn in this manner.  

Therefor, I'll just go ahead and throw out as many details in as few words as possible.  

I appologize in advance.

Crazy Cook monument, start. Prickly pear, cholla, ocatilla, mesquite, cross country hiking, dirt roads, following washes, water caches, cattle troughs, wind mills, solar wells, cows, dead cows, hurt knee, Pyramid Peak, wind. Lordsburg, NM. Econo lodge, The Last Samurai, jumping fences, ducking fences, light rain, wind, dust, juniper, pinyon pine, real trail!, ran out of water, big climb, rabbits, road walk, dead coyote, deer, Silver City. Bike races, great trail angels, shower, laundry, food, coffee, more road walks, fox, a stream!, rattle snakes, lower Gila River, Doc Cambells. Hot Springs, other hikers!, cliff dwellings, canyons, middle fork of the Gila River, 30 miles of walking through a river, frozen shoes, major flood debris, getting lost, hot springs, Snow Lake, blisters, cracked skin, getting lost, meadows, mountains, cold, windy, Pie Town. The Toaster House. Zero day. And, as always, homo erectus, and most commonly, homo slouchus.