The North Trail

The "trail".

Here's a few photos from a short hike I took yesterday along the North Trail. It's a cool trail, and hopefully I'll hike the whole thing before I leave town. Best of all, the trail head is literally behind my house.

Conditions ranged from hard pack with slushy surface (it was relatively warm yesterday), to thigh deep post holing, and even a few short stretches of trail with no snow at all.

Additionally, I'll admit, this is all one big ol' test. All photos were taken with my fancy future phone and uploaded directly to the site. Worked well. And, the photos aint bad either. I would, however, like an in phone editing app. As always, click 'em to see 'em at full size.

Locked and loaded with a full pack. Oh wait, it doesn't tower over my head?! I must be doing something wrong!

The Gore Range.... The Continental Divide.

Lovely birch trees! Also, a partial view of Vail Mountain.