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It’s been a while, folks!  In the words of Wendell Berry, “I never doubted that the world was more important to me than the literary world…” (Wendell Berry, A Native Hill, 1969).

Christmas with the Vail, CO family!

I make no apologies, for having been caught up living. Work, friends, snowboarding, and of course the mountains had (rightfully) taken precedence over my writing. In truth… in additional truths, my laptop threw in the towel; I took my time replacing it with a “new” refurbished unit, which also gave me a handful of problems and needed to be replaced as well. Only a few days ago did I finally get a working computer.

Regardless. I much prefer to live in the present and to make a few plans for the future.

This Spring I’ll be taking a bike ride from my current home in Vail, Colorado right on back to my childhood home outside of Clinton, New Jersey.*

Here’s the details.

Departing Date: April 20th
End Date: May 22nd
Days Available To Ride: 33 Days
Estimated Total Mileage: 2,400 miles
Required Miles Per Day: 73 miles per day

Concluding Thoughts: That there is a mighty aggressive schedule!


More details and thoughts to come shortly. I've still got a lot of prep and conditioning and not a whole lot of time to do it, but I'll be sure to fill ya'll in on some further details and thoughts on the trip!

I still need a name for this trip "The Little Bike Trip That Could" just seems a bit too long-winded. Leave a comment below with any suggestions!

* This is not entirely the truth. I’ll actually ride from Vail, Colorado to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania where I will attend our annual Klein family reunion, a favorite event of mine, and I will then take a ride back to my parents’ place after the weekend. Also, of relevant note, the last time I was able to attend the reunion was during my 2010 Appalachian Trail thru-hike in which I had walked all the way from Georgia for the event!