Welcome To Hiker Nation!

Welcome to the official launch of HikerNation.net - a resource for the hiking community.


Hiker Nation is an outdoor-community based website with the latest news, information, articles, stories, and photographs written by you, citizens of the Hiker Nation. Hiker Nation isn't anyone's personal blog or website; it's simply a collection of the highest quality content and information available online.

While HikerNation.net may seem slightly bare now, rest assured we are equipped  to give any writing or photography the presentation it deserves. To top it all off, once posted an article is only one click away from being integrated with your other social media accounts. Whether you "like", "pin", or "reblog" an item it's as simple as a click of the mouse. Hoping to get some feedback on your work as well? We've even got a comment system. Go ahead, have a look around the Hiker Nation. See what the Nation can do for you.

Here's how it works.

If you think you've got something worth sharing, new or old, let us know! (For more information on content submission click here) Nothing submitted is guaranteed to make the cut because Hiker Nation is committed to bringing only the best quality content available. But! Assuming you do make the cut, your article will be given a first-class web makeover and you can consider yourself a published writer or photographer. Plus! A short biography will be included at the conclusion of your piece so as to be certain that you get the due credit you deserve. Regularly featured members of the Nation will even get their own page where further information can be accessed. You can even include a contact email address or link to your own personal website or blog if you desire, though we do ask in return that you link the Nation from your site as well.

Let's get down to it though. Hiker Nation needs you as much as you need the Hiker Nation. Without content, HikerNation.net cannot grow into the resource it is ready to become.

Click Here For Information Regarding Content Submission.

Hiker Nation was founded based on the idea that we, as a community, needed a web-based resource with only the highest quality content and no subscription fees. We also believe that you, as an artist and outdoor enthusiast, need a place to display your work and gain recognition.